Keith Olbermann Special Comment On Hillary and Ferraro

Keith Olbermann is one of my favorite political commentators. I find his honest, pointed criticism of almost anyone to be a refreshing departure from what the mainstream media typically spits out. I especially like his "Special Comment" segments when he really bites down and focuses his attention on one issue of the day. Sometimes he rails against Bill O'Reilly and "Fox Noise", sometimes he picks on people he usually agrees with, who just happened to slip up and do something really, really stupid.

Recent headlines have caused Mr Olbermann to bring the hammer down on Senator Clinton:

Obviously, I am supporting Barack Obama to be the nest President of the United States (just check out the HUGE banner on the right). I don't really have much against Hillary Clinton but I really do agree that she needs to denounce/reject Ferraro just as she demanded that Senator Obama denounce/reject Farrakhan (the important segments of this clip are Obama's comments at 3:00 and Clinton's response at 8:00}:

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At March 14, 2008 at 8:22 PM , Blogger DromedaryHump said...

i saw ferraro on abc news try to pin the Obamma campaign with "playing the race card" by publicizing her inane racially motivated comment.

How's THAT for an utterly transparent attempt at spin and self preservation. Like Nazis blaming the Jews for making them look bad.

But this isn't the first time Ferraro did this. In '88 (i believe) she said "Jessie Jackson wouldn't even be running for President if he wasn't black."

Does anyone see a pattern here??

As for Hillary...I am convinced she is the anti-christ.

At March 14, 2008 at 8:58 PM , Blogger bugsoup said...

I heard about the prequel to this episode of attack-a-black. I wonder if we are going to hear of many more in the coming months as people search the news archives. With an opinion (and a mouth) like hers, it would be surprising if it has only happened twice.

Ferrero is such a hypocrit. I need to find that clip and post it as a follow up. Maybe it will become a regular feature here this summer.

Hillary hasn't been the most honest or gracious in the race to become president, but I think she has a long way to go to catch up to Farrakhan or Ferraro in the race to become the next anti-christ.


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